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Media Skills video library contains a list of videos that examines the executive media training and crisis media training that we offer and crisis communications skills

Training for Media Interviews – We Can Help

Looking for a qualified media trainer? Someone who can teach you how to thoroughly prepare for the media interview, how to think like a reporter and anticipate the questions, how to “lead” the interview where you want it to go, how to craft the perfect message, and then deliver that message with credibility and confidence? […]

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It’s Much Different on the Other Side

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It’s easy to ask the questions in a media interview; it’s quite different, and a lot harder, to develop the communications agenda and deliver your message concisely, with credibility and confidence in the constraints of today’s media interviews. Media Training from a former reporter / news anchor and media spokesperson – experience on both sides of the microphone.

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Add Some Passion and Energy in the Interview

No one wants to watch a boring interview – not the reporter doing the interview, not the producer in the booth, and not the audience. It’s too easy for the audience to change channels. Add some passion and energy to your media interview and you could become a regular guest. That’s free promotion for you and your organization you can’t buy.

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