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It’s Much Different on the Other Side

TVCamerasInLineA lot of media trainers have actually worked in the media and asked the questions during an interview. Some so-called “media trainers” have merely booked interview guests for other interviewers on news programs but have never asked a question on the air. Still others have no experience whatsoever in a print or broadcast news center.

In the media, it’s one thing to ask the questions; it’s quite another to prepare for the tough media interview, to develop a comprehensive communications agenda, to craft the perfect quotes and soundbites, and then deliver that message, often under fire, with confidence, credibility and authority.

It’s yet another to face an entire horde of reporters on a major story, or worse, during a crisis. You have to know how to control the situation, how to control delivery of the message, and how to reinforce your key points. It’s actually a much harder assignment than merely asking the questions – you have to come up with answers.

Most media trainers teach media having worked only one side of the microphone – if they have even that amount of experience. That only gives you a one-dimensional perspective of what you are really going to encounter out there. Compare it to taking flying lessons from someone, but only learning how to take off and not the most critical part – how to land the airplane.

There’s only one company in the marketplace, that we know of, that offers comprehensive media training based on actual experience working on BOTH sides of the camera, BOTH sides of the microphone – as the reporter asking the questions AND as the media spokesperson delivering the prepared message, even in crisis situations before an array of reporters and cameras.

Which would you rather rely upon to help you prepare for your next media encounter, or worse, your coming media crisis?

The Media Skills Workshop offers training based on 30 years of experience on BOTH sides of the microphone – even in the crisis.

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