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We Can Help ThumbnailWe offer various levels of training programs, ranging from media training 101 to crisis media training. Our media training and crisis communications workshops help you better understand how the media works, how to prepare for the media encounter, how to develop your communications agenda and craft the perfect quotes and soundbites that cannot be taken out of context.

You will learn how to anticipate the questions the reporters will ask, how to lead the interview where you want it to go and get the reporter to ask the questions you want to answer. You’ll learn what to say and how to say it, how to avoid reporters’ “tricks and traps,” and how to turn a negative question into a positive statement. You’ll learn how to handle hostile media, what to do in the ambush interview, and how to set up and conduct the successful news conference (how to handle the horde of reporters). You’ll also learn techniques to help you overcome any stage fright or fear and intimidation of the reporters and cameras. Ultimately, you’ll be able to deliver YOUR message with greater confidence, authority and credibility. And you’ll learn media strategies that work –  how to use the media as an ally versus an adversary.

Media Training Based on Actual Experience

Our media training and crisis communications training programs are based on three decades of experience working on BOTH sides of the microphone – as a reporter and news anchor asking the tough questions AND as the media spokesperson responding to reporters’ questions, even in crisis situations. Our media training workshops employ lively instruction (not boring lecture) with video clips, class exercises on issues relevant to your specific situation, and your videotaped interviews that are critiqued with positive feedback. Our communications training focusing on the media encounter will make you a more confident and effective presenter whether in front of the TV cameras or delivering a presentation before a live audience.

Crisis Media Training Tailored to Your Specific Issues

All Media Skills workshops are carefully researched and meticulously crafted to your specific needs and issues, conducted in small group settings or one-on-one at a location most convenient to you. We offer one- and two-day classes in media training that range from the basic to the advanced levels, as well as comprehensive practical workshops in crisis communications where you will learn to design and implement the crisis management plan specific to your organization and requirements.

Media Training With a Proven Track Record

Michael Drake has three decades of experience in the media as a radio and television reporter, anchor, producer, and news director, as well as experience as the public affairs officer (PAO) and media spokesperson. He combines his on-air media experience with several years of formal training in voice and speech and a background facing the media, including crisis events, to present the most comprehensive and experienced-based media training programs in the marketplace today.

At the Media Skills Workshop, we have a proven track record working with mid-level managers and C-suite executives from all types of businesses and industries, government and military leaders including general staff, entertainers and elected officials. We’ve worked with individuals who have no experience whatsoever in preparing for the media interview giving them greater skills, better understanding of the media, and increased confidence required for the media interview.  We’ve also worked  one-on-one with numerous C-level executives, as well as military and political leaders, helping them avoid media pitfalls, handling hostile media and surviving the crisis event. Whatever the level of experience – whatever the situation, we can help you become more credible, powerful and confident in the media interview

Our Media Training Programs

  • How the Media Works and What They Want From You
  • Responding to the Interview Request
  • Taking Care of the Preliminaries – What to do first
  • How to Prepare a Communications Agenda with Great Quotes & Memorable Sound Bites
  • How to Plant the Questions You Want to Answer
  • How to Avoid Media Tricks & Traps
  • Thinking Visually
  • How to Direct the Interview Where You Want It to Go
  • Building Media Relationships & Developing Future Strategies
  • What to Say & How to Say It – Style & Content
  • What NOT to Do & What NOT to Say – Ever!
  • How to Avoid Being Manipulated
  • How to Avoid Being Taken out of Context
  • The Oreo Cookie Response — the Guaranteed Sound Bite
  • How to Deliver the Right Response to the Wrong Question
  • Off the Record• Under Attack – Defending Your Position & Moral Code
  • What To Do When They Get It Wrong
  • Appearance – Body Language & Posture, Makeup & Dress

Media Training Workshops with Video Taped Interviews

Video Taped Interviews - Crisis Communications

Media Training

Our media training incorporates lively instruction with assorted video clips, and exercises to help you develop the perfect communications agenda with pithy quotes and memorable soundbites that deliver YOUR message. We conduct mock interviews that are played back for class critique. Whether it’s TV, radio or print, or even social media, you will learn how to think like a reporter and anticipate the questions, how to develop your communications agenda and then deliver YOUR key messages with clarity, credibility and confidence no matter the situation – whether it’s a simple stand-up media interview or news conference during a crisis event.

  • Lively Instruction with Assorted Video Clips
  • Interactive Class Exercises
  • Videotaped Mock Interviews with Follow-up Class Critiques
  • Media Skills Workbook
  • DVD of Each Participant’s on-Camera Interviews with Reinforcement of Skills
  • Suggestions for Future Improvement

Whether it’s Media Training 101 or developing a Crisis Communications Plan, skills learned in The Media Skills Workshop will better prepare you for the media interview, the unforeseen crisis event, and even everyday presentations.

Contact us today to learn how to use the media as an ally rather than an adversary. Learn how to craft quotes and soundbites that carry YOUR message in the media interview, and how to develop the crisis communications plan.