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Training Based on Three Decades of Proven Experience – More Than 4,000 Individuals

Michael-Drake Executive Media Training
Before you can teach it, you have to have done it, and that’s what sets us apart from other individuals and companies that offer media training and crisis communications courses. Some firms offer media training without any of their staff having any experience whatsoever working in a newsroom. That’s like taking flying lessons from someone who has never flown an airplane. Some former reporters offer media training but have never had to respond to other reporters’ questions as the media spokesperson. They have never developed a communications agenda or had to face their own kind delivering key messages on the other side of an interview. Our media training programs are based on three decades of actual experience as a reporter and news anchor on one side of the microphone, AND as the media spokesperson on the other side.

Media Training and Crisis Communications From an Experienced Media Professional
Media training and crisis media training is by Michael Drake (along with other media professionals) who has three decades of experience working on BOTH sides of the microphone – as a reporter, producer, and news anchor asking the tough questions, AND as a public affairs officer and media spokesman responding to other reporters’ tough questions. He has appeared in every television market in California as well as numerous markets around the world, and repeatedly on the major American networks including CNN™, Fox News™, NBC™, ABC™, PBS™, and more. He has planned and conducted news conferences and served as the principal spokesman in crisis situations. His experience and that of other industry professionals make the Media Skills Workshop media training  and crisis communications programs the most realistic, comprehensive, and experience-based in the marketplace today.

Our Presentation Skills Training programs are based on years of formal training in voice and speech, scores of presentations to groups ranging from 20 – 2500 persons, work as a broadcaster and professional narrator, and a record of 20-plus years helping individuals improve their public speaking skills and conquer their fear of public speaking.

Guaranteed Success
We can help you and your staff become more effective, dynamic, and confident presenters in the often intimidating media interview as well as any type of public speaking scenario whether it’s before staff, the board or the public. We have the experience, the credentials, the training and the track record to improve your media and presentation skills – and we back that up with a money-back guarantee. If you do not have a noticeable improvement in your delivery skills, greater confidence, and greater understanding of how the media works, we will refund the cost of the workshop (less any out-of-pocket expenses such as travel and hotel) with no questions asked. However, know that in more than 20 years of proving media training, various forms of presentation skills training, and crisis communications training to a variety of business and government clients across the country, we’ve never been asked.

Contact us today to become a more dynamic and effective communicator – whether in front of the cameras for a TV news interview or a public speaking presentation.

The Media Skills Workshop offers media training and crisis media training along with presentation skills training from an experienced media and public speaking coach.

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