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Presentation Skills Training

MicStandAudienceRedCtr291x131Our Presentation Skills Training will make you a more dynamic, confident and effective presenter. Whether it’s a presentation in a staff meeting, to the board, or at public speaking event, you will learn how to prepare and deliver a memorable presentation. You will learn the 12 steps to developing and delivering more effective presentations including story structure, flow and continuity, and crafting an engaging open and a memorable close. You will learn audience benefit analysis and techniques on how to how to establish instant speaker credibility and then hold the audience’s attention from beginning to dynamic conclusion. You will learn the techniques professional speakers and voice artists use to add life to your presentation by employing greater speech dynamics and harness the full power of your voice. You’ll learn how to use word color, pauses and inflection, and how to “work” the audience.  You will also learn how to effectively handle even the toughest Q&A to reinforce your message.

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
The biggest stumbling blocks to your success are often poor communication skills frequently driven by a fear of public speaking. We teach you the techniques to overcome that fear and channel stage fright and other nervous habits into positive energy.

PowerPoint: Message Reinforcement or Script
Tragically, far too many presenters rely on PowerPoint as a script device, even turning their back on their audience to read the slides  – what is commonly referred to as “Death by PowerPoint.” In our presentations skills training, you will learn how to develop an effective PowerPoint and then use it as a visual reinforcement of your key message points and not as a backwards-facing Teleprompter. You will effectively engage your audience with your presentation and delivery, and not bore them with your complicated and information-laden slides. (Save that material for your handouts!)

Training Based on Experience
Our presentation skills training is based on many years of formal training in voice and speech, work behind the microphone as a professional narrator and voice artist, and scores of public speaking appearances before groups ranging from 20 to more than 2500.

Presentation Skills Training That’s Actually Fun
In our presentation skills training you will deliver brief on-camera presentations that are played back and critiqued with positive suggestions for improvement. Later, in a group exercise, you will also develop the short but comprehensive “pocket speech,” and then deliver that with minimal notes.

Presentation skills training includes lively instruction (not lecture), and group participation in developing short but dynamic presentations. You’ll also receive the Media Skills Workshop Presentation Skills Workbook along with a DVD of your presentations with suggestions for continued improvement.

Our presentation skills training is done in group settings of 6 – 10 individuals as well as in one-on-one executive training sessions. We have helped numerous C-level executives and mid-level managers (and their staff), military leaders (O-8 and down) and government leaders. We help countless business leaders, managers, and elected officials including governors and state senators prepare for that critical presentation.

Improvement or Your Money Back
As with any Media Skills Workshop training program, we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee. If you do not have a noticeable improvement in your delivery, greater confidence, and ability to structure your presentation with improved continuity of ideas and a captivating opening with a memorable close, we will refund the cost of the workshop, less any out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, hotel, etc. However, know that in more than 20 years of helping nearly 4,000 persons improve their communications skills – we’ve never been asked.

Become a more dynamic, confident and effective presenter. Overcome the biggest stumbling blocks to your success and career advancement – the fear of public speaking and poor presentation skills.

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