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Add Some Passion and Energy in the Interview

Passion and Energy Will Carry Your Message from Michael Drake on Vimeo.

TV producers and reporters are always looking for a great guest for their live news shows – especially the morning news when many stations fill two or three and even four hours of programming.

Producers and reporters also keep a list of contacts they call on a regular basis to give them perspective on a major news story, or a local angle to a national story – a doctor to discuss a medical breakthrough or a current health risk; a personal trainer or dietician to talk about health, diet and exercise; a financial expert to talk about the latest economic trend and how that could affect your personal finances.

Producers not only want someone knowledgeable about their subject, but they also need someone who is a good interview, someone who has passion and energy.

Now I’m not saying jump up and down on the couch. We’ve all seen how ridiculous that looks.

But no one wants to listen or watch someone who seems bored in the interview, who talks in a monotone. If you come across as bored, the audience will be bored as well and they tune you out. It’s very easy to switch stations. And producers and hosts know that.

If you’re a great guest – have great information, deliver a clear message – with passion and energy, producers will call on you to come back as a guest whenever that particular topic is in the news.
And you can use those appearances to help sell your product, promote your business or organization, or even promote yourself.

Let producers know you are a subject matter expert, and you would be available to give greater insight in a particular topic area.

You could become a regular guest. And how great would that be?

Michael Drake has worked as a reporter, producer and anchor in radio and television news, and as a print reporter. He has also served as the public affairs officer – the media spokesperson – in hundreds of media encounters on local and national media. He currently works as a media trainer.

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