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When the Reporter Calls – How to Prepare for the Media Interview

What you need to KNOW before consenting to the interview and what you need to DO to prepare. This video will present some of the things you need to know and steps you need to take in order to fully prepare for the media  interview. First, don’t go blindly into any media interview – ever. Do your research; find out who the reporter is, her area of specialty, what form of media you will be appearing on. Is it for print story? Will it be in-person, over the phone, or conducted by emailing questions and answers back and forth? (This is a highly recommended way to conduct a print interview.) Is it a radio interview? Will it be over the phone, in person (at your site) or in their studio? What type format is the program? How many other guests will be with you. Is it a television interview? Will be it be live or taped? Is it at your location or in the studio? Again, what is the program format? How long will it be? What questions will be asked? Who else are they interviewing? Will you be put “on the spot” and asked to defend your position?

Just as performers and sports figures prepare for the concert or the big game, you also need to prepare.

What are your key messages? Are they succinct, easily understood, and contain a memorable and quotable message point?

How do you deliver those messages? With confidence, credibility and authority? How do you come across? Trustworthy? Believable? Or like a used car salesman?

How do you anticipate the questions? How do you lead the interview and take it where you want it to go?

How do you conclude the interview? Do have the “anything else?” prepared and practiced? (This is where a good number of final soundbites come from. I explain more in the media training workshops.)

Michael Drake has served as a reporter, public affairs host, news anchor for both radio and television news, and as the media spokesperson for various organizations. He has faced the media one-on-one in hundreds of interviews, and in news conference settings. He has handled the crisis event in the media – on more than one occasion. He has developed and delivered the key messages. His training is based on experience on “both” sides of the microphone and has been described as the most comprehensive media training in the marketplace today.

Learn Media Skills from someone who has actually been there and done it and has the track record to prove it!

Learn how to prepare for the media interview from someone who has been in hundreds of them – on both sides of the microphone.

When the Reporter Calls from Media Skills Workshop on Vimeo.

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